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Ringworm Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Downingtown, PA

Having a skin infection is never fun. No matter what type of infection you have, you can be left with painful and itchy skin. Waiting for days for your primary care physician to be available means days of being uncomfortable. Visit our walk-in medical clinic for immediate treatment.

Ringworm Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Downingtown, PA

One common form of skin infection that we see here at AFC Urgent Care Downingtown is Ringworm.

The name is the most misleading part of ringworm, it is not a worm or parasite. Ringworm is a fungal skin infection and is usually found on the scalp, feet, body and groin. One of the biggest signs of ringworm is a round rash that has a red center.

Can ringworm be confused with anything else?

While the rash that accompanies ringworm is noticeable and something you may instantly pick up on, you can find that from time to time ringworm is confused with other forms of skin infection. This means that it is important to ensure you see a specialist to receive the right diagnosis for your ailment.

If you notice that you have some of the symptoms of ringworm our board-certified doctors can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The most common symptoms of ringworm

Wondering whether or not you have ringworm? Here are some of the most common symptoms of ringworm to look out for:

  • Scaly red patches of skin throughout your body
  • Itching and uncomfortable skin
  • Round patches of dry skin

It is not only your skin that can show signs of ringworm, there is also a chance that some symptoms can show up on your hand, face and nails. Fungus loves moist and warm areas, which means you will usually see the symptoms in sweatier areas of your body.

Ringworm is incredibly contagious and it can spread simply by touching someone who has it. This means if you suspect that you have ringworm, then you should avoid too much contact with other people. Animals can also play a part in the transmission of ringworm, specifically cats.

If you think that you may have ringworm, or believe you have been in contact with it then you should make sure to visit AFC Urgent Care in Downingtown. You will be able to have a skin test and receive a diagnosis of the skin condition you have.

Our service is fast and efficient and we focus on providing high quality of care, no matter the problem. Our center is open on a walk-in basis and you can see a doctor with no appointment. You can receive your diagnosis and your treatment in no time at all. Leading to rash free, itch free and healthy looking skin!

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